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Maintenance Planning for Residential & Commercial Properties

Condition Assessment Building Reports

A condition assessment is a systematic review of all buildings to assess their current condition.  This assessment is used to plan work and budget to keep your property:

·         in good working order

·         meeting all legal standards

·         safe and functional

Maintenance Plans

All building components have a limited serviceable life from any given point, depending on the materials and practices used during construction, their current age and the environmental location. After this time,  they will deteriorate and require replacement. With a detailed understanding of their buildings, owners are armed with a better ability to maintain them. Planned maintenance can extend and protect the life of the various components, saving money in the long run as well as assisting with the retention of high occupancy levels as a building retains its desirability and value. Acting as your representative we can provide a long-term maintenance plan and assist with the project management of all maintenance work required.

Within the life cycle of any building, there will always be a requirement for maintenance work to be undertaken which can range from relatively minor items through to projects of considerable expenditure.  Larger maintenance projects require considerable planning, detailing and expert management to ensure successful outcomes.  Maintenance projects are driven by a range of different requirements including recommendations from the maintenance plan, the owner’s requirements, the need to obtain professional advice, and the inclusion of items that offer significant benefits.

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