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10 Year Property Plans 

All schools are required to develop 10 Year Property Plans (10YPPs) to ensure that their school is well maintained and supports 21st century learning, within the budgets provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Timely Building Consultants (TBC) are fully trained MOE 10YPP consultants.  

Our process to complete your 10YPP is:

·         Meeting with key school and board members to understand the needs of the school

·         Undertaking a condition assessment

·         Reflecting the school's charter and current PMIS information

·         A draft 10YPP is prepared for the Board’s consideration

·         A draft 10YPP is prepared for the MOE

·         Any MOE changes will be discussed with the board

·        10YPP will be formally submitted to the MOE

We believe that the 10YPP should be a working document that provides a clear indication of the planned projects and their expected delivery dates.

Property and Project Management

Timely Building Consultants are experienced project managers with over 25 years working in educational property management.  We can manage all your projects for you, from smaller modernisation projects to constructing new buildings.  We endeavour to ensure that all work is completed at minimal disruption to the school.  TBC has built up great relationships with a wide variety of contractors who are able to complete the work to a professional standard.  TBC have systems in place to ensure that extensive MOE documentation is completed to their requirements. 

Cyclical Maintenance and Management

Timely Building Consultants will provide the Board of Trustees professional advice on their buildings and property.  It is important to look after your buildings and carry out maintenance on a regular basis to minimise future problems.  If required following the condition assessment we can provide and manage a detailed maintenance plan for your school. We are able to manage subcontractors as part of our service and we can carry out quality inspections to ensure the work is completed and the costs are managed.