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School Services

Condition Assessment Building Reports

A condition assessment is a systematic review of all buildings to assess their current condition.  This assessment is used to plan work and budget to keep your property:

·         in good working order

·         meeting all legal standards

·         safe and functional

10 Year Plans

Timely Building Consultants is keen to work with the Board of Trustees and staff to achieve the goals of the school; while working within the Ministry of Education property guidelines. It is important for us to listen and understand what you want to achieve over the next 10 years and beyond.

We will prepare a plan by gaining a sound knowledge of your school by talking with your principal, caretaker and other staff.  It may be necessary to engage additional consultants in specialised areas.

Our process to complete your 10 year plan is:

·         Meeting with key school and board members to understand the direction and needs of the school

·         Undertaking the condition assessment

·         Taking into account the school charter and current PMIS information

·         A draft 10 year plan is prepared for the Board’s consideration and discussion

·         Following the Board’s input we will present a draft 10 year plan to the MOE and discuss with them how it fits with their plans

·         If there are any changes these will be discussed with the board and the 10 year plan will be formally submitted to the MOE

·         We will advise the school of any questions and delays that are experienced, so that both parties understand where the process is up to

·         We realise that property projects are an integral part of the schools strategic and financial planning process and that the planning is a team approach. We believe that the 10 year plan should be a working document that provides a clear indication of the planned projects and their expected delivery dates.

Property and Project Management (Capital Works)

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organising, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.

Timely Building Consultants is able to manage all your projects for you, including smaller modernisation projects to constructing new buildings and managing maintenance contractors. We endeavour to ensure that all work is completed at minimal disruption to the school, eg planning for the work to be completed through the holidays. TBC has built up relationships with a variety of contractors who are able to complete the work to a professional standard.

We have found that contractors prefer a full project scope with plans and specifications to complete a project, this minimises extra project costs as the work is clearly scoped out. We are able to complete smaller projects in-house and would engage suitable designers for larger projects. It is important to use a designer who understands the schools requirements.

TBC will carry out regular site visits of your projects to ensure quality, problem solving and answering any questions.

TBC have systems in place to keep thorough documentation of the project process.  We complete Ministry of Education documentation in a timely and professional manner. 

Capital works is defined as any MOE funded projects undertaken on the School site during the contract period including 5 year projects, roll growth, space deficiencies, disable requirements, replacement building or any other projects during the term of this contract as required by MOE or the BOT.

Cyclical Maintenance and Management

Timely Building Consultants will provide the Board of Trustees professional advice on their buildings and property.  It is important to look after your buildings and carry out maintenance on a regular basis to minimise future problems.  If required following the condition assessment we can provide and manage a detailed maintenance plan for your school. We are able to manage subcontractors as part of our service and we can carry out quality inspections to ensure the work is completed and the costs are managed.

This involves:

·         Development of a Maintenance Plan

·         Regular visits to the School when requested, but at least one visit per term is advisable

·         Provide professional advice to the Board of Trustees and your Principal on property maintenance issues and OSH issues and we will liaise with the MOE as required.

·         Manage maintenance projects under $2500 as per agreed plan