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"Thank you so much for the prompt service at such short notice.  Time was a critical factor for us, and your speed, efficiency, and quality of the final report was everything we needed and more - Josh Rumble"

- Josh

Thanks for pthe rompt efficient service!

- Duncan

Thanks very much for the prompt and in depth report.

- Ian


Thank you so much for your work, appreciate you doing the Inspection and report so quickly.

- Melissa


Thank you for all your help.

- Nicola

Thankyou for your prompt response

- Ian

Really appreciate the speedy service

- Andrew

Thanks for that we really appreciate it, and thank Tim

- John

Thank you for the efficient, enlightening report!

- Sue

Thank you for you prompt and thorough report

- Douglas

Thank you! Much appreciated - a really concise and helpful report.

- Dannielle


Thank you so much for the prompt service. 

- Annabel

All paid, Thanks for the report.

- Helen

Great work, thank you

- Ann-Louise

Hi team


Thank you for this report and for getting 

 it done promptly. We really appreciate it and 

will recommend you to many people. 

- Kan

Thanks for a great job

- Paul

Thanks for a great service

- Neil

Thank you so much for the builders report. Especially sending it through a day earlier than agreed, and on labour day! It was very thorough and gave us the confidence to bid on the house at auction. 

- Matt

Thank you very much for getting the building report to us so quickly, we really appreciate it.

- Anna

Please thank Bryan for his prompt services & very full report.

- Faye

Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt service.

- Ashley

Sincere thanks for doing this for us at such short notice. Thorough and easy to easy to follow.

- Alan

Thank you for doing the building report in Hastings so promptly.  Much appreciated

- Nicola

Thanks Tim

That’s an excellent report – very comprehensive.

- Sue

Thanks Tim, much appreciated – especially the quick turnaround. I’ll have a good read and come back to you if I have any questions.

- Liz

Thank you for the comprehensive report. 

- Rebecca

Just wanted to pass on our appreciation and thanks again for your detailed and comprehensive report, for getting this to us so quickly and for your additional time this morning to go through our questions, especially since this was over the Easter long weekend, we felt you definitely went above and beyond.

- Tracey

Thank you so much for getting our building inspection through on our tight schedule.

- Abi

Thanks very much to Bryan Ireland for a thorough report. 



- Stacey

Thanks for the report – we really appreciate you getting it done so quickly.



- Andrew

Thanks for the prompt inspection done of the property I have now purchased!

Really appreciated your efforts.  If you could pass on my thanks to Bryan again for his help and guidance. 




- James

Thank you so much for getting the inspection and report done so quickly

- Tim

Thank you very much Tim and Bryan. Very in depth report with awesome results. Cheers

- Ty

Many thanks for the comprehensive builder's report.


Many thanks again for your quick turn around.

- Aiden

Both of us really appreciate the thorough inspection and very detailed report and your prompt response.


We will definitely be recommending your services to others.

- Peter

Thank you for your prompt service and report.

- Michael

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your report! I really appreciate the time and effort you have gone to and will be recommending you to anyone I can! I understand that the turn around time was too short really and in future will stick to either 5 days or 3 as a minimum.

I have spoken with my solicitor and they are in talks with the vendors solicitors now! We will in future be looking to buy more properties and will be using your company to help us with that.


- Jo

Thank you for a most detailed  report on the property.  Very thorough.

- Jon

Thanks so much for all of your help with drug & building report.  

We purchased the house in the end and have a bit of spare cash to tidy it up asap.


Thanks again

- Pat

Thanks so much for helping us.   You have been able to answer all our questions, and very quickly.   We do appreciate it.

- Rachel

Thanks for your great service, we have been really impressed by the thorough job that Bryan has done and appreciate it getting done in our tight timeframe.

- Janelle

Tim at Timely Building Consultants was fantastic to deal with at every stage and sent us the most comprehensive report we've seen. He answered any questions we had and his experience and knowledge meant we were able to make an offer in complete confidence. 

- Fiona

Thank you for the very clear and concise building report.  It reads comprehensively and provides guidance on what we should do to mitigate any risk areas identified.  It has provided certainty for us to proceed with the purchase.

Bouquets to you for getting under the house in what could only be described as very, very trying conditions.  

- Neil

Thanks for your thorough and speedy assessment. Much appreciated.

- Ted

Thanks for the speedy service ....

- Fiona

Thank you for your building report and all your advice - after 2 days of cold feet and a couple of extra challenges thrown in ... we went unconditional ... Thanks for all your help!... and now the fun begins!! 


- Hayley

Thanks for the building report which we've gone over this morning, really appreciated the thoroughness of it and your expertise.

- Wendy

Please thank Tim for a very thorough report.

This would have to be the best value for $575 I have had for some time.

I do not believe that buying this house is a sound idea.  I have informed my lawyer accordingly. 

I will be back, asking for a report on the next house we find that we like.

Once again, many thanks.

- Chris

Many thanks Tim - the vendor looks like he has a fair amount of work to do.

Thank for your help. Greatly appreciated.


- M

Hi Tim, thanks very much for a great report.

- George

Great thanks so much. 

- Carole

Thank you so much for your work.  A very thorough report.

- Sharon

Thank you. Awesome job done.

- K

Thanks for the report. It was everything we needed for the insurance company.

- Steve

Everything looks great! Thank-you so much for coming out on such a wet day and doing the building inspection for us.

- Laura

Thank you Tim for the work that has been done for me. Your contacts of professional trades people and engineers, and years of knowledge in the building consent process, were invaluable in making the sale of my house settle quickly.


I appreciate the time it has saved me, so that I could concentrate on my family and work commitments.


- Wendy

Thanks for your report made with a very good turn around. Well done.

- Chris

Thanks for following up.  The report was far more thorough and well put together of any inspection we've seen over the years.  And we have seen many.  Well done to Bryan and the team.

- Kim

Thanks so much for your help with this, extremely efficient and thorough. Would recommend you guys in a heartbeat.

- Russell

Thanks for the speedy response and thorough report.

- Rowan

Thank you for a well written report.  I’ll give Bryan a ring if we have any questions.

- Ana

Thank you for your work.  I have decided not to purchase the property, but if I require your services again I will definitely email or call you.

- Bridget

Great thanks Tim I think they've done a grand job. All good from me.

Many thanks


- Fiona

Tim thanks for getting onto this so quickly.

- Bill

Thanks team for prompt responses. 

- Paul G

Many thanks for the prompt building report.

- Richard M

Thanks for your report, apart from a couple of, what appear to be relatively easily rectifiable concerns, it all sounds fairly good.

- John

Good to talk this morning, thanks 

- Simon

Brilliant, thanks Tim.

- Phil

Thanks Tim, appreciate the prompt and detailed report. 

- Jeremy

Thanks for all your help re building permit and fire report. Final inspection today. Regards Phil

- Phil

It was great to meet you!  We really appreciate all your time and will be in touch if we have any questions. Thanks and kind regards.

- Adrianne

Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough report.  Our lawyer has requested a copy of the building report and so we were wondering if you could please send it through as a pdf. We are also wanting to get the repair work done on the roof and weatherboards if we are able to go ahead with buying the house.  Would it be possible to have a quote done by the gentleman you talked about yesterday for the roof and weatherboard replacement?  We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your time.

- Kirsty

Thanks for all assistance, we really appreciate it.

- Ron and Moira

Thanks for the good report - well done, just what they needed.  Keep up the good work.

- Graham, Registered Building Surveyor

Many thanks for your comprehensive report and advice, and coming around this evening to discuss this with me.

- Carolyn

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