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Residential Services

Pre-purchase Building Reports

A professional inspection of a home before you buy should identify matters that need attention. Not many existing homes will come up with a completely clean slate – there will always be some maintenance to be done. But armed with a property report, you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the purchase.

We examine and assess the building from the foundations to the roof.  We inspect, photograph, document and make recommendations on all visible internal and external building defects.  Our recommendations are professionally compiled in a detailed report that is easy to understand.  After the inspection we meet with you and discuss the findings ensuring you understand the status of the property you are looking to purchase.

Relocation Building Reports

We examine and assess the building from the roof to the floor to ensure the building is suitable for relocation.  Our recommendations are professionally compiled in a detailed report that includes any remedial work required to bring the building up to a reasonable standard.

Project Management Services

Our team can scope, design, project manage and organise quality tradespeople in a timely manner that fits your budget.  Prior to project commencement we ensure all building and resource consents are sourced.  Upon project completion the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) which ensures that all of the work is completed to the New Zealand Building Code is received by our client.  Planning is key in this process.

Unauthorised Work and Certificates of Acceptance

Certificates of Acceptance (COA) can be used in situations where work has been done without a building consent, or where a building consent authority cannot issue a code compliance certificate.

A certificate of acceptance has some similarities to a code compliance certificate in that it will provide some verification for a building owner/future building owner that part or all of certain building work carried out complies with the Building Code.

Certificates of acceptance are based on the Code at the time the application is made rather than what was in place at the time a building consent was granted, should have been applied for, or when the work was actually carried out.

We act as your agent by providing a comprehensive building report and building plans for Council to assess, along with any followup.