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Commercial Services

Professional Building Advice

Our highly qualified, experienced building inspectors offer up to date industry recognised advice. The building industry standards have had many changes over recent years and our inspectors are kept up skilled with the latest building requirements and legislation.

Condition Assessment Building Reports

A condition assessment is a systematic review of all buildings to assess their current condition.  This assessment is used to plan work and budget to keep your property:

·         in good working order

·         meeting all legal standards

·         safe and functional

Pre-Acquisition and Vendor Reports

Timely Building Consultants (TBC) provides an understanding of the present condition of a building prior to acquisition of the property.  TBC can consider the requirements for the building and detail the key issues and adaptability of a building to ensure that the property will be suitable for the end usage.

Our reports provide investors with an understanding of the structure, internal services and external fabric of the building and highlight any significant defects and deferred maintenance issues. Also identified are any areas of non-compliance with codes and standards, allowing informed decisions to be made prior to entering into a contract or final settlement.

Vendor Reports are similar to our Acquisition Reports, but are provided to the current owners of the building, so that the report can be released to potential purchasers and therefore form part of the marketing campaign of a building. Alternatively, they may be used to identify and then highlight defects for the purpose of rectification so that they do not affect the value of the property, prior to marketing.

With the acquisition or disposal of a property we are aware that our clients enter into contractual agreements. Timely Building Consultants have qualified and dedicated employees to ensure that critical deadlines are met.

Dilapidation Reports

Timely Building Consultants (TBC) will inspect the condition of the property or premises upon termination of a lease and provide a report that details items for reinstatement under the covenants of the lease. Also referred to as a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations, the report will detail items in need of repair and compare the existing condition with what, if anything, was recorded at the commencement of the lease, in order to assist in minimising financial exposure prior to termination.

From time to time clients also instruct TBC to carry out Dilapidation Reports during the life or term of a lease to assess premises, to ensure that the asset is not diminishing in condition, and to minimise future repairs. Our expert advice may then be used to assist in lease disputes and in negotiating lease renewals for both Tenants and Landlords.

Project Management Services

Our team can scope, design, project manage and organise quality tradespeople in a timely manner that fits your budget.  Prior to project commencement we ensure all building and resource consents are sourced.  Upon project completion the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) which ensures that all of the work is completed to the New Zealand Building Code is received by our client.  Planning is key in this process.

Unauthorised Work / Certificate of Acceptance

Certificates of Acceptance (COA) can be used in situations where work has been done without a building consent, or where a building consent authority cannot issue a code compliance certificate.

A certificate of acceptance has some similarities to a code compliance certificate in that it will provide some verification for a building owner/future building owner that part or all of certain building work carried out complies with the Building Code.

Certificates of acceptance are based on the Code at the time the application is made rather than what was in place at the time a building consent was granted, should have been applied for, or when the work was actually carried out.

Feasibility Studies

Prior to the purchase or after the acquisition of a property, Timely Building Consultants can carry out a detailed analysis of the various issues that could influence the commercial decisions which need to be made prior to the alteration of a building, in order to determine both the financial and physical feasibility of a proposed scheme.

TBC’s Feasibility Studies provide advice on Building Code requirements, detail the current condition of the property and advise on future maintenance requirements, as well as providing initial design and budget costing options where required.